Welcome to GUZELLIK HAUTE COUTURE - Best Designer Clothing Store in Ernakulam

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Ernakulam, GUZELLIK HAUTE COUTURE is not just a boutique; it’s a dream woven into the fabric of reality, one of the best designer clothing store in Ernakulam. Founded by the visionary duo, Aabidha Gafoor & Najeema Fazal, and brought to life through the passion and dedication of their children, our boutique is a testament to the enduring allure of modern, yet timeless fashion. Find your clothings from best designer clothing store in Ernakulam. 

Bridal and Groom Wear

Make your special day unforgettable with our exclusive bridal and groom wear.

Customized Creations

Dreaming of a unique outfit? Our in-house designers are at your service to bring your vision to life.

Family Packages

Dress your entire family in coordinated and stylish outfits for special occasions, all within a friendly budget.

Our Unique Edge

What truly distinguishes us is our unwavering dedication to crafting pieces that are not merely clothes, but emblems of uniqueness and unparalleled quality. Nestled within the heart of our brand is an in-house tailoring unit, a creative sanctuary where our highly skilled designers and a devoted team specializing in meticulous handwork converge to breathe life into fabric. Under their expert guidance, each piece evolves from a mere concept to a personal statement, a testament to the wearer’s individuality and taste.

Our pride lies in the distinctiveness of our designs, each meticulously conceived and brought to life to narrate its own captivating tale of elegance, sophistication, and style. These creations are more than just garments; they are intimate expressions of personality and craftsmanship, designed not


GUZELLIK HAUTE COUTURE is located in Thevara, the heart of Ernakulam.

We offer a wide range of clothing including casual wear, office wear, party wear, customized lehengas, bridal and groom wear, and special family packages for occasions. We also provide rental bridal ornaments.

Yes, we have an in-house tailoring unit and a team of skilled designers who can create custom designs or alter existing pieces to suit your preferences and fit.

Absolutely! We offer personal styling sessions. You can book an appointment with our expert stylists to get personalized style advice and find the perfect outfit for any occasion.

Yes, we cater to a variety of budgets. Our collection includes budget-friendly options, and we strive to provide high-quality fashion at various price points.